Kaspersky Lab announces 2017 channel partner program

Kaspersky Lab for securityKaspersky Lab announced the company’s 2017 channel partner program – offering more rewards, trainings, additional initiatives and new customized, regional support to business partners.

The latest channel partner program from Kaspersky Lab is focused on four key areas: increased regional support, advanced rewards and technology offering, new MSP program offerings, and regional Kaspersky Lab Partner Summits.

Kaspersky Lab North America is adapting its sales structure to secure new business opportunities and build upon the company’s current relationships with its partners. Kaspersky Lab will even more technical and sales support and streamline communications.
kaspersky for securityPartner sales managers will act as a single point of contact for partners. This means that partner sales managers will focus on smaller territories than ever before, allowing them to provide more personalized, regular interaction with their partner contacts.

Kaspersky Lab is investing more in its channel partners by providing them with additional tools and resources to succeed. The company aims to drive partners to higher level of success than before, with benefits such as increased one-on-one support, more technical education throughout the year, and generous rewards to encourage its business partners.

In addition to enhanced rewards to channel partners, the 2017 partner program will provide more hands-on education to partners in order to identify and close more new business opportunities.

The company is expanding its portfolio in 2017, starting with the addition of its first enterprise specialization for the Kaspersky Lab Partner Program, Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack (KATA). This specialization enables partners to differentiate themselves and earn additional margin on registered, qualified and approved new Kaspersky Lab sales. The company is also adding a specialization for Managed Service Providers (MSP).

In 2017, the company is launching regional Kaspersky Lab Partner Summits in six major cities. These summits will build upon current partner program activities, expand product training and technical solutions support.

Kaspersky Lab will kick off its first event in Dallas, TX, with additional events to follow in Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA, Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN and Boston, MA, as well as other locations.

“Last year, we were able to help all of our partners grow their businesses, and some nearly doubled their revenue. In 2017, we’ll be focused on not only deepening our relationships with all of our partners, but also empowering them to capitalize on today’s thriving cybersecurity market,” said Michael Canavan, senior vice president, sales at Kaspersky Lab.

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