Kaspersky files complaints against Microsoft

Kaspersky Lab for security
Russian security software firm Kaspersky Lab has filed anti-trust complaints with the European Commission and the German Federal Cartel Office against Microsoft for promoting its own security software at the expense of users, the media reported.

Kaspersky claimed that Microsoft has been removing its software when users upgrade to Windows 10, and enabling its own Windows Defender solution.

“Microsoft uses its dominant position in the computer operating system (OS) market to fiercely promote its own — inferior — security software (Windows Defender) at the expense of users’ previously self-chosen security solution,” Eugene Kaspersky, the Russian co-founder of the anti-virus company, was quoted by theverge.com on Tuesday.

In its initial complaint against Microsoft filed with Russia’s Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS), Kaspersky claimed that the technology giant was using its dominant position with Windows to push its own anti-virus software.

While Microsoft has made some product changes since the initial complaint, Kaspersky was not content and has filed additional complaints with the European Commission and the German Federal Cartel Office.

Microsoft has been gradually improving its Windows Defender anti-virus software, and with Windows 10 the company has built it into the operating system and enabled it by default.

While Microsoft argues this is to protect Windows users, anti-virus makers like Kaspersky argue that it is anti-competitive.

“We want Microsoft to stop misleading and misinforming… We want to see all security solutions being able to work on the Windows platform on a level playing field,” Kaspersky said in a recent blog post.

But, Microsoft said it believes that Windows 10 complies with the competition laws.

“Microsoft’s primary objective is to keep customers protected. We are confident that the security features of Windows 10 comply with competition laws. And we will answer any questions regulators may have,” Microsoft spokesperson said.