Juniper Networks enhances Spotlight Secure threat intelligence

Juniper Networks has announced advancements to security capabilities in Spotlight Secure threat intelligence platform to help organizations prevent advanced malware and emerging threats.

The new capabilities empower customers to quickly take action on intelligence from varied threat detection technologies by immediately pushing enforcement rules to SRX firewalls to cut off command-and-control (C&C) traffic, isolate infected systems and effectively combat a diversity of threats targeting networks, the company said.

The advantage of this approach is that it allows customers to choose the most appropriate threat detection technologies available — including feeds customized to their business — rather than being locked into only the intelligence data offered by their firewall vendor.

Most other Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) include integrated capabilities, but they are closed systems that are not capable of taking full advantage of the highly diverse third-party and custom feeds utilized by customers, Juniper said.

Spotlight Secure platform addresses these constraints by aggregating threat feeds from multiple sources to deliver open, consolidated and actionable intelligence to SRX firewalls across the organization.

As a result, administrators are now able to define enforcement policies from all feeds via a single, centralized management point, Juniper officials said.

The combination of new capabilities including threat protection, intelligent Firewall, tight integration with network, and open and scalable security intelligence, higher security effectiveness, centralized management, improved operational efficiency and automatic syndication help customers more effectively combat advanced threats in their networks, the company claims.

“We have transformed our security solution to address the challenges and constraints that our customers face with traditional firewalls,” said Jonathan Davidson, senior vice president and general manager, Security, Switching, and Solutions Business Unit, Juniper Networks.

“By creating an open framework that enables the aggregation of intelligence data from multiple feeds, we can provide application and user-level visibility,” Davidson added. “In addition, this solution is able to increase agility to effectively combat evolving threats in order to keep High-IQ networks secure.”

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