Juniper Argon Secure anti-malware service announced

Juniper Networks – at the RSA Conference — announced Juniper Argon Secure, an anti-malware service for Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways to identify malware.

Argon Secure applies the technology to both networks and endpoints to detect malware at multiple points in the attack process. This added level of protection is a critical step in building secure High IQ networks.


Juniper said Argon Secure is designed to address the current gap in security solutions by identifying advanced malware both at, and after, the point of initial infection when it attempts to propagate, find valuable data and exfiltrate that data from the network.

By leveraging visibility into endpoints, internal network traffic and the network edge, Argon Secure uses the firewall features of the SRX Series platform as an enforcement engine to take malware-infected machines off the network before they can steal sensitive information.

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