Japan’s Space Agency JAXA Faces Cyberattack, Assures No Compromise to Critical Operations

Japan’s renowned space agency, JAXA, disclosed on Wednesday that it fell victim to a cyberattack, albeit asserting that the breached information posed no threat to crucial rocket and satellite operations.
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A spokesperson from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency revealed that the breach potentially resulted from exploiting vulnerabilities within the network equipment. However, specific details regarding the timing and method of the attack were withheld.

Upon notification from an external entity and an ensuing internal investigation, JAXA uncovered the possibility of unauthorized access, prompting immediate actions to address the breach, Reuters news report said. The spokesperson refrained from divulging the identity of the notifying organization.

As the investigation remains underway, JAXA is actively probing the extent and implications of the breach, striving to fortify its cybersecurity measures to prevent any future intrusions.

According to Japanese media reports, the cyberattack transpired during the summer months, with authorities becoming cognizant of the breach and subsequently notifying JAXA in the autumn period.

JAXA emphasized its dedication to bolstering its cyber defenses to safeguard its sensitive operations, assuring the public that critical functions related to space missions were unaffected by the breach.

The agency’s ongoing investigation signifies a proactive stance against cyber threats, as it endeavors to reinforce its resilience in the face of evolving digital risks.

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