IPH sets up new network after cyber attack

IPH, an intellectual property services provider based in Australia, has restored key system functionality and established new network infrastructure one week after reporting a data breach that affected some of its IT systems.
cybersecurity issues from RussiaThe cyber security incident allowed unauthorized access to document management systems containing administrative and client documents as well as correspondence at its head office and two member firms.

IPH reported on Friday it had implemented new systems for its two affected member firms, Spruson & Ferguson (Australia) and Griffith Hack.

The Sydney-based company also stated that it had improved its network security and was working with external cybersecurity and forensic IT advisors to investigate the cyber breach.

Meanwhile, fintech firm Latitude Group, which also reported a cyber security attack last week, had taken its platforms offline.

These two companies are the latest additions to a growing list of Australian firms that have reported cybersecurity breaches over the past few months, which experts attribute to the country’s understaffed cybersecurity industry.

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