IoT security co ZingBox gets $22 mn funding led by Dell and Triventures

IoT investmentZingBox, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) security solution, has raised $22 million in a Series B funding round led by Dell Technologies Capital and Triventures.

Xu Zou is the co-founder and CEO of ZingBox.

ZingBox will utilize the new investment to increase headcount in the next year to accelerate product capabilities, and expand market reach. The main aim of ZingBox is to meet the growing demand for its IoT Guardian security technology.

ZingBox IoT Guardian, a IoT security solution based on device personalities, leverages machine learning to discover, assess risk, baseline normal behavior, detect anomalous activities and provide real-time remediation across an organization’s IoT footprint.

The IoT security solution has a deep grasp of each IoT device’s personality, analyzing communication to and from every device, watching for deviations in behavior and providing alerts for suspicious behavior.

“As more and more hospitals, retailers and businesses deploy IoT solutions, security is top of mind and ZingBox’s machine-learning approach to IoT security helps them address this fundamental challenge,” said Raman Khanna, managing director of Dell Technologies Capital.

ZingBox also announced its strategic partnership earlier this year with SoftBank C&S to expand the company’s global presence. SoftBank C&S is a global channel partner introducing the ZingBox IoT Guardian solution to the Japanese market and beyond.

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