Intel Security joins hands with KIOSK Information and Onyx Healthcare

Intel Security has collaborated with KIOSK Information Systems for security options and Onyx Healthcare to provide security for IoT in the medical industry.
Intel Security has joined hands with KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) to provide better retail kiosk security options.
Developers have the license options from KIOSK to secure self service retail platforms with Intel Security McAfee Integrity Control technology before shipment and installation.
KIOSK will offer Intel Security solutions into its Internet of Things self service to secure consumer and retailer data.
The consumers and global retailers can use safer connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
McAfee Integrity Control provides extensive protection for retail devices, including self-service transactional kiosks enabling retailers to prevent information rich retail data by the cyber thieves.
The solution is the combination of antivirus, application control and whitelisting abilities, with McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Deep Command software.

KIOSK can protect data from zero day vulnerabilities, unapproved applications and other threats with the help of Intel Security.
Intel Security has also collaborated with Onyx Healthcare to integrate Intel Security technologies into Onyx’s product lines, which include McAfee Application Control with ePolicy Orchestrator and McAfee Complete Data Protection.
The new collaboration will help Onyx to meet HIPPA and HiTech compliance regulations.
Company officials said customers can also protect Electronic Patient critical information. The trusted applications can run on devices deployed either in an enterprise or a remote location with McAfee Application Control and also prevent any unauthorized changes to the device.
The devices are protected against zero-day attacks, reduce in-field breakage, and limit the patching cycles typical of other security approaches. McAfee Complete Data Protection will protect Onyx systems with data encryption and controls and monitors access to the systems that contain confidential patient data.
Last year in December, Intel acquired PasswordBox, an identity management service company.