Infoblox DNS Threat Index surges 58% due to phishing attacks

Network control company Infoblox has experienced an increase of 58 percent from the second quarter of 2014 due to surge in phishing attacks.

Infoblox has released the second quarter 2015 report for the Infoblox DNS Threat Index, powered by IID.

The company said creation of malicious domains for phishing attacks is the biggest factor for driving the second quarter increase.

Additionally, the growing demand for exploit kits is another factor to the index’s high record.

These packages of malicious software are typically hidden on web sites that appear to be innocuous but download malware whenever a user visits.

Company officials said in the first quarter of 2015, the index stood at 122 and now has jumped an additional 11 points to 133 in the second quarter.

Infoblox-Craig Sanderson- Senior Director

“The Infoblox DNS Threat Index, powered by IID, is intended to give insight into the extent to which bad actors are leveraging DNS for illicit activities,” said Rod Rasmussen, chief technology officer at IID.

“Organizations can enhance their security by acquiring and understanding DNS threat intelligence data, then using that data to block access to malicious domains,” said Craig Sanderson, senior director of security products at Infoblox.

Last year in November, Infoblox launched the Infoblox OpenStack Adapter to bring enterprise-grade network control to the OpenStack platform.

Infoblox launched LINCX, a fully programmable production-ready open-source software-defined networking switch in June last year.

Shilpa Khatri

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