Indian Teens potentially vulnerable to risky Internet behavior: McAfee

Internet access on multiple devices and social networking platforms is taking a toll on Indian teens, says a new report from McAfee.

The report analyzes the online behavior of India’s next generation of digital natives. It has found that on an average, Indian teens (aged 8-12 years) are using between 3 and 4 devices that can be Internet enabled.

Internet access is predominantly PC/laptop based (71 percent and 76 percent access the Internet via these devices respectively), however 42 percent access the Internet via a mobile device.

Almost half (45 percent) of the online teens access Internet post 8 pm.  They are regularly playing games (91 percent) on tablet or chatting with friends on mobile (63 percent). Teens are widely using mobile/ smartphones to access Internet (68 percent use mobile to access the Internet)

Teen Internet User

Despite the age eligibility for Facebook being 13 years, 3 in 4 teens admit to currently using Facebook.

Online teens are potentially vulnerable to risky behavior on the Internet as 36 percent of online teens have chatted to someone online that they didn’t know previously.

Speaking about the relevance of these new-age parenting challenges, Anindita Mishra, McAfee Cybermum India, said, “There is an increasing influence of the online world on children’s persona that cannot be undermined because of the emotional and developmental impact it has. The role of parents in delivering safe and positive cyber experience to their kids is significant than ever before.”

“The proliferation of multiple mobile device usage and this staggering increase in new malware will require Indian parents to recalibrate on how to arm their children with best online practices ensuring safe online experiences for them,” said Venkat Krishnapur, vice-president of Engineering- Consumer and Mobile, McAfee India.

McAfee has developed a Cyber Education Program across APAC, which is delivered to school-aged children by McAfee employee volunteers. The initiative has now been rolled out in India whereby McAfee is reaching out to Indian schools and will scale up the program over the next one year.

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