India ranked fourth in phishing attacks: RSA

India ranked fourth in phishing attacks in the third quarter of 2013, said RSA, a division of EMC.

India received 3 percent of the total attack volume, said RSA in a statement.

Other countries targeted by phishing attacks were US (53 percent), Germany (17 percent), UK (8 percent) and South Africa (3 percent). In top countries by attacked brands’ India ranked third with 7 percent of the total phishing volume worldwide. The US with 27 percent and UK with 12 percent topped the chart.

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RSA identified 46,119 phishing attacks in September globally with a rise in 36 percent increase as compared to the month of August (33, 861). Phishing attacks in the month of September also mark the highest number of attacks in this quarter while July 2013 saw 45,232 numbers of attacks. Top countries to host these phishing attacks include US (42 percent), Canada (9 percent), Germany (5 percent) and UK (4 percent).

Total amount of losses incurred in third Quarter of 2013 are $1.66 billion.

Brands in the U.S., UK, India and Australia were targeted by almost 50 percent of phishing attacks in Q3 2013.

U.S. remained the top country on the chart, targeted with 53 percent of the total phishing volume in Q3 2013.

U.S. incurred a loss of over $882 million followed by Germany with $294 million and UK with $133 million.

Countries Losses in Q3 2013 (in million $)
US 882
UK 133
Germany 294
India 52.9
South Africa 43
Others 261
Total $1.66 billion

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