India ranked #2 in mobile malware infection in Q1 2014: Kaspersky Lab

India is in the second position in the top 10 most frequently targeted countries where user face the greatest risk of mobile malware infection during Q1 2014, said Kaspersky Lab.

Russia is in the top position with 48.9 percent of all attacks, India 5.23 percent, Kazakhstan 4.55 percent, Ukraine 3.27 percent and UK 2.79 percent.

Kaspersky Lab today said 33.2 percent of user computers worldwide were subjected to at least one web-based attack during the past three months – a decrease of 5.9 percentage points compared to the same period last year.

IT Threat Evolution Q1 2014

39 percent of neutralized web attacks were carried out using malicious web resources located in the US and Russia; the combined figure for the same two countries was 5 percentage points higher in Q1 2013. They were followed by the Netherlands (10.8 percent), Germany (10.5 percent) and the UK (6.3 percent).

The proportion of threats targeting Android exceeded 99 percent of all mobile malware.

Countries where user face the greatest risk of mobile malware infection, Q1 2014

Mobile malware increased by 1 percentage point over the quarter.

At the end of 2013 Kaspersky Lab’s collection of mobile malware stood at 189,626, but in Q1 2014 alone 110 324 new malicious programs were added. By the end of the quarter there were 299,950 samples in the collection.

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