India is top source of spam worldwide: Cisco’s 2013 Annual Security Report

Infotech Lead Asia: India is the top source of spam worldwide, with the U.S. moving from sixth in 2011 to second in 2012, according to Cisco’s 2013 Annual Security Report.

Korea, China and Vietnam are the other major countries.

The report said spam volume dropped 18 percent from 2011 to 2012, with spammers working “banker’s hours” for a 25 percent drop in spam over the weekend.

In 2012, the majority of spam was sent during the workweek — Tuesday was the heaviest spam day of the year.

The top spoofed brands involve prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis and luxury watches like Rolex and Omega.

Spammers maximize the ROI of their efforts, targeting real-world events with specific and short-lived campaigns.

Cisco says online shopping sites are 21 times as likely, and search engines are 27 times as likely, to deliver malicious content than a counterfeit software site. Advertisements are 182 as times likely to deliver malicious content than pornography.

According to the study, most Generation Y employees believe the age of privacy is over (91%), but one third say that they are not worried about all the data that is stored and captured about them. They are willing to sacrifice personal information for socialization online.

More Generation Y workers said they feel more comfortable sharing personal information with retail sites than with their own employers’ IT departments — departments that are paid to protect employee identities and devices.

Android malware encounters grew 2,577 percent over 2012.

However, mobile malware represents only 0.5 percent of total Web malware encounters.

The United States retained the top spot with 33 percent of the world’s Web malware encounters.

1. United States   33.14%
2. Russian Federation   9.79%
3. Denmark   9.55%
4. Sweden   9.27%
5. Germany   6.11%
6. China   5.65%
7. United Kingdom   4.07%
8. Turkey   2.63%
9. Netherlands   2.27%
10. Ireland   1.95%

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