Imation Assureon 8.0 tackles conventional archiving problems

Imation, a data storage and information security company, has unveiled Nexsan Assureon 8.0 secure archive storage system to deliver enhanced data security for archive storage.

One of the biggest challenges with conventional archive or backup solutions is that administrators discover there’s a problem with data loss only when they go to access a file and it doesn’t open, or it isn’t there at all. If a backup was done after the corruption or data loss, it does nothing to repair or restore a file to its undamaged, original state.

In addition, conventional solutions do not have the capability to monitor the availability and health of each file, and manually verifying the existence and integrity of all of the potentially millions of files by opening each of them is a practical impossibility. Administrators are busy enough managing their primary storage and hardly have the time or resources to manage another, Imation said.

Imation’s Nexsan Assureon addresses these problems and reduces storage cost by offloading and de-duplicating data from primary storage that is infrequently used or has aged by policy. Through policy automation, it can eliminate or greatly reduce the size, cost and complexity of backups for primary and infrequently accessed data.

Data integrity features like file-fingerprinting and automated self-healing integrity checks ensure that high-value data is protected throughout its lifecycle. Assureon’s security features also comply with corporate and governmental regulatory requirements, making it the ideal solution for medical, financial and government organizations.

Assureon 8.0 comes with enhanced search options to significantly speed file and data recall making recover near instantaneous. The new call home functionality enables the delivery of new automated system reports to Assureon Customer Support so users can proactively troubleshoot and protect their Assureon systems.

Concurrent multiple synchronizations can be executed at the same time, providing better archiving strategies to ensure data is being protected in a timely manner. Support for Assureon over TCP adds failover to a second site using Infiniband, thus protecting data even further.

Assureon is also provided with a new management interface that delivers a new level of simplicity by bringing all the benefits together under one management console. Users can do even more from one simple interface.

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