IBM QRadar security technology available on cloud

IBM is bringing IBM QRadar, Security Intelligence technology, to the cloud – enabling enterprises to fight cyber attacks.
The new services are available to clients through a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model, with optional IBM Security Managed Services to provide deeper expertise and flexibility for security professionals.
According to the 2014 IBM Cyber Index, organizations globally deal with an average of 91 million potential security events every year.
Built as a cloud service using IBM QRadar, enterprises can quickly correlate security event data with threat information from over 500 supported data sources for devices, systems, and applications.  This is complemented by more than 1500 pre-defined reports for use cases such as compliance, vulnerability management and security incident response. 
Powered by IBM QRadar technology, Intelligent Log Management uses analytics and a hosted, multi-tenant technology to rapidly deliver comprehensive compliance with powerful real-time correlation and anomaly detection capabilities.
“The option of doing predictive analytics via the cloud gives security teams the flexibility to bring in skills, innovation and information on demand across all of their security environments,” said Jason Corbin, vice president, Product Management and Strategy, IBM Security.
IBM’s platform of managed security services handles over 15 billion security events per day for over 4,000 clients around the world. 
Clients can experience improved threat response times, while potentially reducing overall security costs by an average of 55 percent.  This also significantly improves threat detection, helping clients automatically triage up to 95 percent of their security events, said IBM.
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