IBM adds 1,000 firms for X-Force Exchange threat network

IBM has added more than 1,000 organizations across 16 industries for its X-Force Exchange threat intelligence network — after launching service one month ago.

A Fortune 1000 retail chain is utilizing the X-Force Exchange to collect and analyze threat intelligence – streamlining from 7 separate sources of threat data to one – enabling the chain to reduce the time required to identify and investigate each potential threat. IBM did not reveal the name of the retain chain.

The enterprise IT company said IBM X-Force Exchange provides open access to historical and real-time data feeds of threat intelligence, including reports of live attacks from IBM’s global threat monitoring network, enabling enterprises to defend against cybercrime.

IBM’s cloud-based cyberthreat network provided free access last month, via the X-Force Exchange, to its 700 terabyte threat database. This includes two decades of malicious cyberattack data from IBM, as well as anonymous threat data from organizations for which IBM manages security operations. Participants have created more than 300 new collections of threat data in the last month alone.

IBM Security
Brendan Hannigan, general manager, IBM Security, said: “Sharing and innovating around threat data is central to battling highly organized cybercriminals; the industry can no longer afford to keep this critical resource locked up in proprietary databases.”

In the past month since the launch of IBM’s threat intelligence network, there have been more than 1,000 data queries per day from organizations around the world. These organizations include six of the world’s top 10 retailers and five of the top 10 banks, as well as the top 10 companies across the automotive, education and high-tech industries.

Rob Bening, chief information security officer of ING Bank, said: “Sharing threat information via IBM’s X-Force Exchange initiative is a big step toward better understanding potential attacks and anticipating measures to mitigate them.”

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