IBM in $10 mn Cloud deal with Novitex Enterprise

Enterprise IT vendor IBM signed a $10-million agreement with Novitex Enterprise Solutions to offer cloud-based infrastructure and security services leveraging Softlayer to support Novitex’s document outsourcing solutions.

Novitex, a provider of the Integrated Document Life Cycle (IDLC) service solutions, will benefit from the IBM solution to support its growth and expanding offerings, while consolidating distributed set of IT environments in a singular infrastructure.

IBM said Novitex will also ensure data security, privacy and compliance for their Fortune 500 clients.

Novitex needed to deliver the highest level of security for the IDLC services it provides to healthcare companies, financial institutions, government entities, and other clients who have security, privacy and regulatory compliance concerns.

In addition, Novitex clients also benefit from high availability with built-in disaster recovery. IBM Security Services protects data access, and provides deep layers of application security through analytics and event monitoring.

Novitex is using IBM’s Security and Monitoring solutions to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the most sensitive client data.

“SoftLayer cloud and managed security services provides the flexibility to grow and enable its business to manage mission-critical workloads within industries like healthcare and government. IBM’s dynamic management services also give Novitex the ability to fine tune its compute needs quickly,” said Jim Comfort, general manager of Cloud Services of IBM.

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