HP unveils new security analytics for digital enterprises  

HP Security Analytics
Enterprise networking vendor HP on Wednesday unveiled new solutions centered on security analytics to protect digital enterprises.

With DNS Malware Analytics, Fortify scan analytics and User Behaviour Analytics, HP will help organizations to secure their data from various malwares.

Organizations receive an average of 17,000 malware alerts per week, and spend an average of $1.27 million annually in time and resources responding to inaccurate and erroneous threat intelligence.

HP DNS Malware Analytics (DMA) is designed to identify infected hosts by inspecting an enterprise’s DNS traffic. This service would help customers to quickly detect high-risk threats, reduce data breach impact and enhance overall security posture.

HP DMA identifies malware-infected hosts such as servers, desktops and mobile devices. The solution uses algorithmic engine to analyze the high volume of DNS records. This enables the detection of new, unknown malware while simultaneously reducing false positives by a factor of 20 over other malware detection systems.

# HP DNS Malware Analytics will be available on September 15, 2015. The price for one-year subscriptions starts at $80,000 to analyze up to 5 million DNS packets per day.

# HP Fortify scan analytics is currently available as part of HP Fortify on Demand.

# HP User Behavior Analytics is currently available, with version 1.1 of the solution, UBA Premium, released on August 30, 2015.

# HP UBA Premium is packaged according to base identities, starting at $250 per identity and decreasing with larger deployments.

“The new HP DNS Malware Analytics solution effectively puts the data science necessary to derive malware detection from voluminous DNS server events into a simple, highly efficient package for customers large and small,” said Sue Barsamian, senior vice president and general manager, enterprise security products, HP.

To further support HP’s focus on data-driven security, HP also introduced HP Fortify scan analytics. The solution enables customers to focus resources on fewer, higher priority tasks.

The third solution, called the HP User Behavior Analytics (UBA), provides customers visibility into user behavior to detect malicious or negligent users, or external attacks that compromise user accounts across the enterprise.

The first solution will be available from September 15, while the other two are already in the market.

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