HID launches ActivID appliance solution for two factor authentication

Infotech Lead India: HID Global, a provider of secure identity solutions, announced its new ActivID Appliance solution for strong authentication.

ActivID Appliance ensures enterprise data security across numerous industries including banking, government and healthcare. It enabling organizations to protect corporate data against unauthorized access.

ActivID Appliance is targeted at medium to large organizations and is interoperable with the widest range of authentication methods to ensure that  an organization’s employees, consultants, partners, and customers have secure and appropriate access to corporate data and online applications.

ActivID Appliance, formerly 4TRESS Authentication Appliance, is a full SAML v2 compliant identity provider. It is available as both a hardware appliance and a virtual appliance. It is designed to provide comprehensive multi-layered and strong authentication, including ActivID Threat Detection Service.

It has a customizable self-service portal that allows users to establish and maintain their own credentials or tokens without IT admin support. Enterprises can secure a mobile workforce, using personal and corporate mobile phones for two factor authentication.

The appliance gives organizations control over which soft token platform is used in a particular environment. For example, a user can decide to enable iOS, Windows and Blackberry but disable usage from Android and J2ME phones. Its multiple security domains allow segregated management of different groups, for example, employees and customers.

Users will also get premium hardware support option with advance replacement and on-site warranty replacement. HID Global’s ActivID Appliance is available now through channel partners.

HID Global acquires Codebench

Earlier this year, HID Global acquired Codebench, a provider of physical security identity management particularly for the government sector. The acquisition enabled HID Global to offer complete, field-tested solutions that speed and simplify deployment for its federal agency and contractor customers and positions HID Global to serve emerging government and commercial markets with significant growth potential.

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