HID Global taps NXP to up security for smart card manufacturers

HID Global, in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors, has unveiled an ultra-thin Polycarbonate (PC) ePrelaminate inlay for electronic ID (e-ID) cards which is the first HID Global inlay to use HID direct bonding platform technology.

The new ultra thin inlay is more than 30 percent thinner than any other alternatives.

The company said HD direct bonding platform technology helps the company in durability and flexibility during card construction.

Additionally, manufacturers can develop the smallest HF formats available in the market while delivering performance.

HID Global provides durable and reliable connection between the card’s IC chip and its antenna.

In addition, ultra-thin PC inlay has more security features on both the sides of an e-ID card during construction which is 200 microns instead of 350 microns.

Company officials said NXP Semiconductors qualified its SmartMX2 P60D080 secure microcontroller IC for inclusion in HID Global’s new ultra-thin PC e-Prelaminate inlay that adapts well to the HID direct bonding technology.

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The new design can be implemented to many ID card applications and also elevate the benefits of the direct bonding process.

“With this new ultra-thin inlay, we continue to extend the unique capabilities of our government solutions while offering smart card manufacturers around the world the ability to extend the range of products they can offer their customers,” said Rob Haslam, vice president of Government ID Solutions for HID Global.

“This is an important step in our shared goal of offering smart card manufacturers the thinnest, most durable, reliable and flexible inlay solutions possible for today’s space-restricted high-frequency smart card solutions,” said Ulrich Huewels, senior vice president and general manager, Secure Identification Solutions, NXP Semiconductors.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) France selected HID Global FARGO HDP5000 and DTC4500 card printers/encoders as well as its AsureID7 card Software Development Kit (SDK) for secure card issuance.

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