HID Global simplifies identity validation using OMNIKEY with Lumidigm technology

HID Global has integrated Lumidigm biometrics technology with OMNIKEY contactless smart card readers to simplify identity validation for citizen ID and financial, healthcare and other commercial applications.

Users can present a card, fingerprint or both to the reader to allow program administrators verify their identity with the help of V-Series V371 fingerprint reader.

The company said new solution is designed to prevent the use of fake fingerprint and to streamline enrollment and transactions.

This apart, validation is complete by matching the individual’s fingerprint with his or her biometric data that was written on the card during enrollment.

HID Global said applications include citizen ID, healthcare services, financial services and other commercial transactions.

Citizens can prove the identity while crossing borders, voting and receiving financial, healthcare and other government benefits through public distribution programs using biometric national ID card.

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In addition, healthcare services include validating identity for patient registration, e-prescribing and benefit eligibility.

Additionally, user can use this technology for gym membership, phone SIM card registration, customer loyalty programs and more to enable businesses to validate person’s true identity.

Company officials said this technology protects against fake fingerprints by using patented liveness detection capabilities.

“The V371 streamlines cardholder access and eliminates fraud from shared or stolen ID cards,” said Paul Butler, vice president and general manager of the biometrics business at HID Global.

In May, HID Global launched vanGO, a visual security solution that enables organizations to issue personalized IDs with protection.

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