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HID Global announced new mobility initiative, designed to provide secure digital experience in an increasingly connected, mobile-first world.

The initiative includes solutions, services, investments and alliances that expand the capabilities of trusted IDs on mobile devices across a growing range of access control, authentication and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

One of the solutions included is HID goID  platform for mobile IDs, which makes it possible to carry a driver license and other citizen IDs on smartphones.

Another inclusion is new enhancements to HID Mobile Access. This solution enables the use of smartwatches and tablets, in addition to smartphones, for secure access to buildings.

These solutions were announced in ISC West 2016 along with solutions such as new HID Professional Services, ActivID Tap Authentication for Microsoft, ActivID Trusted Transactions and HID Trusted Tag Services.

At the event, HID strengthened its   mobility portfolio through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

It has partnered with Samsung, NXP and other industry-leading companies to forward the adoption of mobile solutions. The company said the acquisition of Lumidigm expanded its biometrics capabilities.

Further, the acquisition of Quantum Secure provides the ability to automate access control by adding an integrated physical security policy platform for managing secure identities, compliance and operational analytics across multiple sites and systems.

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