HID Global presents a cloud solution for issuing ID cards

HID Global cloud solution for ID cardsIdentity solutions company HID Global announced that its clients can issue ID cards at multiple printers via cloud using its HID FARGO Connect solution.

HID FARGO Connect replaces the standalone printers tied to a dedicated PC workstation for issuing ID cards. Clients can issue ID cards from anywhere and from any device via a web interface.

HID FARGO Connect allows clients to remotely monitor and manage consumables to avoid out of stock issues and manage replenishment processes.

“HID FARGO Connect is the biggest innovation that the ID card issuance industry has seen in more than a decade, and with it, HID is changing the way cards and credentials are issued forever,” said Craig Sandness, managing director of Secure Issuance with HID Global.

HID FARGO Connect cloud service

# Simplifies management and delivery of ID issuance, saving money and time while increasing control and security

# Eliminates the need for computers dedicated for ID issuance at every location

# Eliminates the need for management of software and other IT resources associated with ID issuance

# Gives administrators full visibility and control like they have never previously had

# utilizes Identrust digital certificates

# Allows users to access networked HID FARGO Card Printers and Encoders

There are one million FARGO printers in use around the world. HID is delivering a new experience for people for issuing ID cards to employees, visitors, contractors, students or anyone using cards or mobile IDs for access control, loyalty programs, payments and a range of services.

Kent State University is using HID FARGO Connect to streamline and simplify the process of issuing student IDs during orientation through its shift to a cloud-based approach with HID FARGO Connect.

“As one responsible for issuing thousands of IDs at our Kent Campus and at our other sites, I see HID FARGO Connect as providing us a next-generation platform for producing cards for our students,” said Michael O’Karma, Office Systems Coordinator for Flashcard Operations, Kent State University.

HID FARGO Connect is delivered using secure cloud technologies with encryption and transport layer security. Users can create new cards, encode data, issue replacements and manage print queues all in one trusted system that meets the most stringent regulatory security and data privacy requirements.

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