HID Global launches vanGO visual security solution

Secure identity solutions vendor HID Global has launched vanGO, a visual security solution that enables organizations to issue personalized IDs with protection.

HID Global’s vanGO portfolio will target universities, enterprises and state and county government agencies. HID Global is offering vanGO portfolio of One-2-One visual security in two options. The company said the standard vanGO, which is the first option, provides off-the-shelf solution in a single configuration. vanGO Custom, which is the second option, offers a more customizable solution that allows the customer to modify the shape and location of the vanGO patch on the card or add other visual security features, such as a hologram surrounding the patch.

vanGO solution enables organizations to create cards which are hot-stamped with a special square metallic patch that can be written with the cardholder’s facial image before being issued using a special laser writer module and the FARGO HDP8500 printer from HID Global.

HID Global identity security solutions
According to estimates, more than 90 percent of inspections are still undertaken by the naked eye rather than an electronic reader in the field. By utilizing vanGO security solutions from HID Global, organizations can visually identify and authenticate the cardholder’s identity without electronic readers or access to databases.

“Our focus is to develop creative yet pragmatic solutions that address the security concerns felt by today’s many organizations, from college campuses to state agencies to global enterprises,” said Craig Sandness, vice president, Secure Issuance Business with HID Global.

By adding a personalized, counterfeit-resistant image of cardholders to cards in higher educational settings, vanGO ensures that facilities and campus communities are safeguarded against counterfeiters.

For government agencies such as parks and recreation departments, state offices, public safety centers, and weapons or land management bureaus, the ease of authentication offers cost-effective security.

HID Global leveraged its LaserCard Optical Security Media (OSM) visual authentication solution for developing its vanGO solution.
U.S. Green Card, which implemented the OSM platform, never faced counterfeiting and has virtually eliminated mass counterfeit cards in their programs.

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