HID Global focuses on IoT application security

HID global

HID Global said it is driving innovation for securing Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

In a press statement, the security solution provider said HID Global partners would be able to develop secure solutions with HID Global’s range of proof of presence, brand protection and asset tracking applications.

HID said the portfolio of identification innovations simplifies the company’s Near Field Communications (NFC) continuum, an initiative to broaden the use of HID Trusted Tag Services and NFC tags, HID said.

NFC continuum achievements

Mark Robinton, Director of Business Development and Strategic Innovation with HID Global said HID Trusted Tag Services are pioneering novel use cases, such as electronic visit verification (EVV), time-and-attendance and other burgeoning IoT applications that are fundamentally changing the way organizations conduct business.

According to the press statement, HID Global partner Dial-N-Document integrated HID Trusted Tag Services into a web-based documentation system that interfaces with the services for a secure EVV solution.

NFC Trusted Tags placed in the homes of Integrity Home Care patients provide proof of presence and visit documentation for mobile clinicians.

Partnering with Tamoco, HID Trusted Tag Services powered the first out-of-home (OOH) campaign for Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Film fans “tapped” promotional posters 8,195 times with 1,156 unique mobile devices, enabling real-time engagement and performance of the campaign.

HID Global’s RFID tag and NFC solution, in partnership with system integrator Fundación Ada Byron (FAB), replaced an outdated tracking and employee payment system for picking grapes at Bodega Norton Winery in Argentina.

Latest innovations, partnering with MyTAG Ltd, include security industry applications, such as key management, proof of presence, time and attendance and lone worker solution programs.

“Our partnership with HID Global has empowered MyTAG to develop innovative NFC-based solutions that boost safety and security processes in key management, lone worker and guard tour programs practices,” said Mike George, Managing Director of MyTAG Ltd.

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