HID Global adds ActivID Flexi Token to identity solutions

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HID Global, a provider of secure identity solutions, on Tuesday said it expanded its identity assurance portfolio with the addition of the ActivID Flexi Token.

The company said the new solution is ideal for financial institutions and enterprises seeking a cost-effective pin pad solution with advanced security capabilities for mass deployment.

The hardware token is made to offer a more flexible solution for graphical customization and deployment. Additionally, there would be options for on-site initialization to further protect data and enhance security programming.

Vice president of product marketing for HID Global Tim Phipps said the new tokens can be used with HID ActivID authentication system without requiring equipment to be replaced or updated.

These tokens are easy to mail and carry and can be utilized for user authentication (OTP or challenge and response), transaction signing and host verification through a dedicated button on the device.

Last week, the company reached a deal with software maker Microsoft to make enhanced cloud app security. With the new system, named ActivID Tap Authentication, retailers would be able to improve service and enhance security by enabling floor staff to access the information they need by simply tapping a smart card to their tablet.

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