HID Global acquires IdenTrust to better secure identity solutions capabilities

HID Global has acquired IdenTrust to enhance its ability to provide secure identity solutions to governments, corporations, and financial institutions.

Earlier, HID Global acquired ActivIdentity to improve its global capabilities in the secure identity solutions market.

“The acquisition of IdenTrust complements the previous acquisition of ActivIdentity and considerably strengthens our HID Global value proposition around secure authentication, providing us with a Trust Framework for issuing, authenticating and using digital identities based on open standards,” said Denis Hébert, president and CEO of HID Global.

Denis Hébert, president and CEO of HID Global

IdenTrust, provider of solutions for interoperable digital identities that can authenticate, encrypt, and create electronic signatures for every type of transaction, supplies digital identities to the Department of Defense’s External Certification Authority (ECA) program and General Services Administration’s Access Certificates for Electronic Services (ACES) program.

This apart, IdenTrust, which has its operations center in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as sales offices in Washington D.C. and London, England, provides identity management solutions for over twenty of the world’s largest financial institutions.

In the United Kingdom, IdenTrust digital certificates secure more than six billion payment transactions annually, with an aggregate value exceeding $7 trillion.

HID Global provides IdenTrust with a strong, financially-stable owner with a highly complementary product portfolio, while IdenTrust offers HID Global enhanced access to the banking, corporate, and government identity markets. The combined solution offering is unmatched in the industry.

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