HID Global acquires Arjo Systems to enhance government biz

HID Global
HID Global has acquired Arjo Systems, a provider of physical and digital identity solutions for secure government ID applications.

Arjo Systems gives HID Global capabilities to deploy electronic identification (eID) and ePassport solutions for government programs.

HID Global said Arjo Systems will be complementing its existing government ID offerings with an expanded range of capabilities for government agencies, state printers and local integrators.

“Our acquisition of Arjo Systems significantly advances our Government-to-Citizen ID business, broadening our geographical reach and giving us critical mass,” said Stefan Widing, president and CEO of HID Global.

Arjo Systems boosts HID Global as an eID and ePassport solutions provider with complementary products and new software capabilities, eID/ePassport chip operating systems, integration services and market knowledge, expanding HID Global’s presence in select emerging markets.

HID Global will merge Arjo Systems with its Government ID Solutions business. Arjo Systems will continue its operations in France, Italy and Hong Kong. Arjo has with approximately 100 employees globally.

HID Global has shipped more than 150 million government-issued IDs in over 50 countries for projects that include national ID, e-passport, foreign resident ID, driver’s license and vehicle registration programs.