Hackers attack Mcdonald’s computer systems in South Korea, Taiwan

McDonald’s has faced cyber attack in South Korea, and Taiwan, exposing some customer, employee information, the Wall Street Journal reported.
McDonald’s technology investmentMcDonald’s has confirmed that hackers stole some customer and employee data from its systems in markets including South Korea and Taiwan.

The US-headquartered burger chain said it recently hired IT consultants to investigate unauthorized activity on an internal security system. The investigators have discovered that company data had been breached in markets including South Korea and Taiwan, McDonald’s said.

The company said customer and personal-employee data in the U.S. weren’t compromised in the attack.

Attackers stole customer emails, phone numbers and addresses for delivery customers in South Korea and Taiwan. In Taiwan, hackers also stole employee information including names and contact information, McDonald’s said.

The global food chain company said the number of files exposed was small without disclosing the number of people affected. The breach didn’t include customer payment information, McDonald’s said.

McDonald’s South Korea and Taiwan divisions would also notify some employees in South Africa and Russia of possible unauthorized access to their information, the news report said.

McDonald’s said that business at its restaurants wasn’t disrupted by the breach and that it didn’t involve a ransomware attack, in which hackers demand payment to return control of data and operations to companies. McDonald’s said it wasn’t asked for ransom, nor did it make any payment to the hackers.

McDonald’s said that it has increased investment in cybersecurity defenses in recent years, and that those tools helped it respond to the recent attack. The company said it cut off hackers’ access to data soon after the breach was identified.