Hacker attacks Brazil’s health ministry website

Brazil’s health ministry said its website was hit on Friday by a hacker attack that took several systems down, including one with information about the national immunization program and a second one used to issue digital vaccination certificates.
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“The health ministry reports that in the early hours of Friday it suffered an incident that temporarily compromised some of its systems … which are currently unavailable,” Brazil’s health ministry said in a statement.

The Institutional Security Office and the federal police were called in after the attack. According to the police, an investigation into the matter has been opened.

The alleged hackers posted a message on the website saying that internal data had been copied and deleted. “Contact us if you want the data back,” hackers said, including e-mail and Telegram contact info.

The message had been removed by Friday afternoon, but the web page was still down, while user data in the ConectSUS app had disappeared.

The ministry said it was working to restore its systems.

Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga told reporters that no data will be lost, saying that the ministry holds all the information that was taken down.

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