Google offers new bug bounty platform for bug hunters

Google, which celebrated 10-year anniversary of its Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP), announced a new bug bounty platform for bug hunters.
Google South Korea
Jan Keller, technical program manager for Google’s VRP, wrote on a blogpost that the company is now unveiling a new platform — — for bug hunters to submit issues.

“This new site brings all of our VRPs (Google, Android, Abuse, Chrome and Play) closer together and provides a single intake form that makes it easier for bug hunters to submit issues,” Keller said.

Keller mentioned that the platform will have gamification features and will also offer more chances for interaction or competition. There will be per-country leaderboards and chances to acquire awards or badges for specific bugs.

The blogpost said that it is also creating a more functional and aesthetically pleasing leaderboard to help those using their achievements in the VRP to find jobs.

Bug hunters can improve their skills through the content available in our new Bug Hunter University.