Fortinet unveils FortiGate 6040E enterprise firewall

FortiGate 6040E

Fortinet expanded its Security Fabric with introduction of the FortiGate 6040E enterprise firewall.

FortiGate 6040E enterprise firewall is designed to secure the vast amounts of mobile and cloud traffic for the largest of enterprises.

Fortinet enhanced its Security Fabric with its new FortiASIC CP9 next-generation Content Processors.

FortiGate 2000E and 2500E enterprise firewalls deliver CP9 ASIC advantages to enterprise edge and internal segments.

Technically, FortiGate 6040E offers 320Gbps enterprise firewall throughput.

Fortinet also announced the launch of two new FortiGate 2000E series enterprise firewalls- FortiGate 2000E and 2500E also leverage CP9.

The company also unveiled its Security Fabric, an architecture designed to deliver distributed security against threats from IoT and remote devices, through the infrastructure core, and into the cloud.

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