Fortinet to set up network security R&D center in Singapore

Enterprise IT security vendor Fortinet is planning to set up a regional center in Singapore this year to conduct network security research and development.

The innovation will be aimed at better protecting enterprises and service providers amidst escalating cyber security threats.

Besides the setting up of the R&D facility, Fortinet will leverage local talent to boost its technical support, marketing, finance and legal employee base in Singapore.

Fortinet’s R&D facility will be located in Fortinet’s Asia Pacific headquarters at Beach Road.

The centre will house security research and development professionals to extend collaboration on threat intelligence and provide emergency threat response to customers.

Fortinet said the facility will complement and extend its existing R&D centers, including FortiGuard Labs, located in the US and Canada.

The company increased its billings 33 percent in Q2 2014.

Michael Xie, Fortinet’s Founder, President and CTO, said: “The abundance of IT professionals here gives us ready access to a deep talent pool, while the country’s strong cybersecurity ecosystem and regional hub status gives us synergy and immediate connectivity to fast growing Asia Pacific markets.”

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