Fortinet FortiGate-5140Bchassis achieves 500+ Gbps protection

Fortinet, a provider of network security, announced that its Fortinet FortiGate-5140Bchassis has achieved 536 Gbps of blended application and security attack traffic during an IPv6 test.

Powered by FortiGate-5101C blades, the Fortinet FortiGate-5140Bchassis test was mainly driven by the Breaking Point Fire Storm CTS.

Testing was performed by Fortinet using five Breaking Point Fire Storm CTMs in May 2012. Each Breaking Point Fire Storm CTM test system is capable of generating 120 Gbps of stateful application traffic.

“IPv6 Launch Day represents a major milestone in the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 as many of the world’s largest networks and content providers permanently enable IPv6 in their networks. This means that the content and services that businesses and consumers rely on every day will now be delivered via IPv6,” said Patrick Bedwell, vice president of product marketing for Fortinet.

The company said that telecom carriers, service providers, and other performance-focused enterprises that have deployed an IPv6 infrastructure can rely on Fortinet to help protect their network while helping maintain the performance they require.

FortiGate devices use a dual stack approach and provide the same network security technologies in IPv4 as IPv6. The process helps the devices to eliminate any potential gaps in protection caused by IPv6 traffic.

The FortiGate-5101C blade achieves its performance through the use of custom FortiASIC processors that are built on a technology platform first engineered at Fortinet more than 10 years ago.

Recently, Fortinet launched the FortiDDoS product family for enterprises, Web hosting and cloud service providers.

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