F5 Networks acquires Defense.Net to strengthen DDoS security presence

F5 Networks has acquired Defense.Net to strengthen its presence in the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) security market.

The acquisition of the privately-held Defense.Net, a vendor of cloud-based security services for protecting data centers and Internet applications from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, will expand F5’s security solutions for defense against Internet-based DDoS attacks on networks, data centers, and applications.

F5 Networks did not share financial details.

Defense.Net’s cloud service is complementary to F5’s on-premise DDoS Protection capabilities. Enterprise customers will benefit because the combination provides customers with the most comprehensive hybrid DDoS solution, engineered to absorb the full threat spectrum of DDoS attacks.

Defense.Net’s service is supported by a high-throughput infrastructure to defend organizations against the new generation of massive and sophisticated DDoS attacks. Defense.Net network supports multiple protocols and provides features for remediation and control to safeguard customers from unforeseen threat vectors, while maintaining application performance.

Manny Rivelo, EVP of Strategic Solutions at F5, said: “Customers ultimately want a unified solution that seamlessly blocks DDoS attacks at the appropriate network location for the type of threat posed.”

InfotechLead News Team