F-Secure releases Cyber Security Stress Test to help asses exposure

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F-Secure  released a Cyber Security Stress Test on Monday to help organisations to learn about security risks. The company said IT professionals can use the 20-question test to find gaps in their security.

F-Secure noted that companies are making investments in solutions that are out of sync with their  security priorities. This leads to a situation where they are exposing themselves to the risks they want to avoid.

“Today’s attackers are putting serious effort into reconnaissance, and many opportunistic attacks are now being used to gather intelligence for targeted attacks,” said Erka Koivunen, F-Secure Cyber Security Advisor.

The Cyber Security Stress Test covers a range of topics such as endpoint protection, network security, and company roles and policies.

“You have to know your systems better than your adversaries do because you can’t protect something if you don’t know it’s exposed,” Koivunen said.

Koivunen cautioned that just installing security software in a set-and-forget fashion is neglecting the realities of today’s threats.

Further, he added that technical solutions need to be flexible and have several components to ensure they remain effective over time.

F-Secure said it’s Protection Service for Business and Business Suite corporate security products let companies choose different software components to fit their security needs.

In June, F-Secure updated its Business Suite security solution to help IT Managers control and manage risks. Business Suite combines features such as web content control and automated patch-management.

The company said updated Business Suite includes new version of Client Security and an updated Policy Manager which allows IT Managers to block content with Advanced Protection, prevent employee exposure to malicious websites and control access to insecure sites with Connection Control.

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