F-Secure launches service against targeted cyber attacks

F-Secure Logo
European cyber security provider F-Secure on Friday launched a new intrusion detection and incident response service to uncover cyber attack threats in the corporate network.

The managed service combines decoy sensors, threat intelligence and 24/7 monitoring by a team of cyber security experts to help companies fight cyber attacks.

F-Secure promises to notify clients within just 30 minutes of a breach detection.

“Companies are finding that on their own, they really struggle with intrusion detection and incident response,” said Pekka Usva, vice president of Advanced Threat Protection at F-Secure.

“Setting up a proper in-house system is extremely difficult and expensive and takes years to do. That’s why a managed service makes great sense — it provides an immediate, tangible return on investment,” Usva added.

F-Secure said that once a breach is detected, Rapid Detection Service provides actionable intelligence for the response phase.

According to a study by global research firm Gartner, organisations across the world fail to detect intrusions in their network with more than 92 percent of breaches undetected by the breached organisation. IANS