Encryptics helps Texas Department of Information Resources safeguard data

Infotech Lead America: The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has chosen Encryptics to deploy the state government’s first implementation of device-level email encryption.Encryptics, a Texas-based provider which is led by Mitch Scherr, provides data protection software which use encryption and other security techniques to manage mobile and desktop messaging.

Encryptics supports the DIR’s mission by providing multi-layered security that protects information when it is in transit, in use and at rest and agency-wide implementation. There is no additional hardware that DIR must buy or maintain. It also extends cross-platform support for “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) capabilities. The Robust Digital Rights Management (DRM) provided by Encryptics gives the agency real-time control of who can see and share their digital content, and when.

“The capabilities that the Encryptics solution brings to bear are an important element of our overall security strategy,” said Karen W. Robinson, chief information officer, State of Texas.

Encryptics makes secure communications with any outside entity possible. Its solution provides the ability to receive encrypted messages and files in return. It also helps to comply with freedom of information requests continuously.

Mitch Scherr, chief executive officer of Encryptics said, “Our team created the industry’s first Trusted Peer-to-Peer platform, and we are very pleased that DIR selected our solution for robust yet cost-effective data protection.”

The Encryptics solution can fit within existing IT infrastructures and can be deployed with no disruption to the work of employees.

“The traditional trade-off is security versus business efficiency,” said Todd Kimbriel, DIR’s director of DCS Services and eGovernment. “There are many ways to increase communication security, but there is always some measure of slowing down the communication process. In DIR’s use of Encryptics, we found we could increase our security posture without sacrificing business efficiency.”

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