EMC warns of data loss consequences

cyber attacks
(source: pcmag.com)

Indian businesses need to be prepared to face the financial impacts of data loss, latest EMC global survey on data protection revealed.

The EMC-sponsored global research surveys IT decision-makers at 2,200 organizations to index data protection maturity, threats and trends.

The study found that Indian organization lost over $1 million from data loss and downtime in the last 12 months.

Over 80 percent of businesses think that their organization’s current data protection solution will not enable them to meet all future business challenges. Meanwhile, 46 percent of organizations in India have suffered unplanned system downtime and/or data loss due to an external or internal security breach.

The research further revealed average cost of data loss to Indian organizations is more than US$114,000 while globally the costs is more than US$914,000.

EMC notes that businesses are increasingly facing threats not just to their primary data, but also to their backup and protection data.

EMC also talks about how to address these threats. The company offers a new Isolated Recovery Solutions line to help organizations “air gap” a protection instance of their data from the networked enterprise.

The Recovery Solution is based on EMC VMAX, EMC Data Domain and EMC Professional Services technologies.

According to the company, it enables businesses to create a virtual panic room for their most valuable data, isolating it from networked systems that could be compromised in a cyber attack.

If needed, the isolated instance of protection data can be scanned and restored safely.  In the future, EMC plans to launch more recovery solutions.

Cloud is changing the game for Indian organizations when it comes to Data Protection. More than 80 percent of survey respondents indicated that their organizations will run at least part of eight key business applications in the public cloud in the next two years.

When it comes to data loss, the study found an average 4TB of data has been lost in last 12 months.