EMC suggestions for consumers to protect their privacy online

EMC has shared some suggestions to on the backdrop a survey findings that said India consumers are world’s most willing to trade privacy for online convenience.

Indian men are more willing than women to trade privacy for convenience

77 percent Indian respondents say they are confident in organizations’ skills in protecting their privacy and 73 percent are confident in organizations’ ethics.

59 percent say they expect privacy to erode over the next five years; 51 percent say they have less privacy than a year ago.

EMC suggests the following best practices for consumers to protect their privacy online.

•       Don’t use same password for multiple accounts and change passwords frequently

•       Use multi-factor authentication for email and other online accounts that offer it

•       Don’t use employer-owned devices or networks for personal business.

•       Turn off geo-location tracking for most mobile apps that don’t require it

•       Log out of apps when not in use

•       Open Wi-Fi hot spots should not be trusted – investigate before connecting and avoid using open Wi-Fi to conduct sensitive transactions

•       Keep devices current with the latest software and security updates

•       Enable password protection, especially on mobile devices

•       Get to know privacy policies of social media sites

•       Limit the amount of information you share about yourself on social networks

Rajesh Janey, president, India & SAARC, EMC, said: “The unprecedented potential of Cloud and Big Data to drive commerce and societal advancement rests on a foundation of trust. Individuals need to know that their data not only is secure, but that its privacy is protected.”

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