DNS attacks cost increased 15% in Asia: EfficientIP

India is among top three countries in Asia which experienced highest cost of DNS (domain name system) attacks in 2021 to date, as nearly 90 percent of organizations globally experienced DNS attacks, with the average cost of each attack around $950,000.
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Asia recorded an increase of 15 percent in average cost of a DNS attack, incurring a cost of $908,140, up from $792,840 the previous year.

Countries which saw significant increase in damages included Malaysia which increased by 78 percent, the sharpest increase, as well as India which saw a significant increases of 32 percent from past year, according to the report by EfficientIP, a provider of network security and automation solutions.

The report, conducted in collaboration with the IDC, showed that organizations suffered an average 7.6 attacks this past year amid the pandemic.

Around a quarter of companies have suffered a DNS attack abusing cloud misconfiguration, with almost half of companies (47 percent) suffering cloud service downtime as a result of DNS attacks.

The threat report, now in its seventh year, found a sharp rise in data theft via DNS, with 26 percent of organizations reporting sensitive customer information stolen compared to 16 percent in 2020’s Threat Report.

As workers look to more permanently transition to off-premise sites, making use of cloud, IoT, edge and 5G, companies and telecom providers should look to DNS for a proactive security strategy, said Ronan David, VP of Strategy for EfficientIP.

This year, phishing also continued to grow in popularity (49 percent of companies experienced phishing attempts), as did malware-based attacks (38 percent), and traditional DDoS attacks (29 percent).

While it is positive that companies want to use DNS to protect their increasingly remote workforces, organisations are continuing to suffer the costly impacts of DNS attacks, said Romain Fouchereau, Research Manager European Security at IDC.

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