Dish confirms cyber attack impacting 300,000 employees

US-based satellite television giant Dish has confirmed that hackers stole the personal information of about 300,000 employees in a ransomware attack in February, TechCrunch reported.
Managed security serviceThe company said in a data breach notification filed with Maine’s attorney general last week that while customer databases were unaffected, hackers accessed hundreds of thousands of employee-related records during the cyber attack.

Dish, which employs nearly 16,000 people, stated that former employees, employees’ family members and a limited number of other individuals were affected by the data breach. Dish did not name of the hacker.

This long-awaited data breach notification from Dish comes months after the company confirmed that hackers stole data from its systems during the cybersecurity attack without revealing whether customers or employees were affected.

In addition, the data breach notification confirms that hackers obtained driver’s licence numbers and other forms of identification.

In its letter sent to those affected, the company noted that it has received confirmation that the extracted data has been deleted.

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