Denso faces cyber attack from Pandora ransomware group

Automotive component supplier Denso has confirmed that its group company in Germany network was hit by a cyber attack.
cybersecurity issues from Russia
The hackers accessed the company’s Germany operations on March 10. Main clients of Denso include Toyota, Honda, General Motors and Ford.

“After detecting the unauthorised access, Denso cut off the network connection of devices that received unauthorised access and confirmed that there is no impact on other Denso,” the company said in a news statement.

Pandora ransomware group has claimed responsibility.

The group’s leak site, accessed by ZDNet via Kela’s Darkbeast engine, claims that 1.4TB of data has been stolen.

Denso is a supplier of automotive components, including those developed for autonomous vehicle features, connectivity and mobility services. The company said that cyber-attack is under investigation and there is no interruption to production activities.

Denso keeps operating its all plants as usual. Denso has reported this incident to the local investigative authorities. The company is working with them and specialized cyber security agencies to deal with this situation.

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