Dell to take on cyber attackers with new security solution

Infotech Lead America: Dell on Monday said it will take on cyber attackers with its new security solution.

Dell SecureWorks’ newly launched Targeted Threat Hunting service is designed to find cyber attackers who might be lurking in an organization’s network, intent on committing a breach.

The latest addition to Dell’s Targeted Threat Services portfolio enables enterprise CIOs to reduce the attacks as Dell SecureWorks’ Targeted Threat Services address the entire attack cycle.

Dell claims that fueled by Counter Threat Unit (CTU) intelligence, Targeted Threat Services help anticipate the attackers, detect their tradecraft, disrupt their process and eradicate their presence.

The CTU Special Operations team will search for any indication hackers might be operating in the organization’s environment. If found, they will conduct an extensive study of the threat, outline a plan to eradicate the hackers, and put defenses in place to prevent them from re-entering.

Jon Ramsey, Dell SecureWorks CTO, said: “We use instrumentation, advanced analytics and visualization tools coupled with security threat intelligence and years of incident response experience from the Counter Threat Unit to locate the compromise, and contain and remediate the threat.”

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