Dell teams with Securonix to safeguard Active Directory data

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Dell is in a technology partnership with Securonix to improve the security of data in Active Directory (AD) and other enterprise application environments.

The partnership combines the insights delivered by the Dell Change Auditor with actionable security intelligence capabilities provided by Securonix.

Active Directory is a most liked target for cyber criminals because it is the most widely used enterprise repository of user account and password credentials.

With AD-Securonix integrated solution, the enterprise IT vendor said,  organizations can rest assured that the keys to their critical data are protected.

According to a press statement, Dell’s partnership with Securonix gives customers the much needed insight into their Microsoft Infrastructure and Identity Management domains.

Tom Crane, director, product management, Dell Systems and Information Management, said: “Securonix uses the rich data gathered from the Change Auditor logs to provide out-of-the-box advanced security analytics, behavior-based anomaly detection, and threat and risk dashboards that give organizations real-time insight into potential threats.”

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