Dell survey on BYOD, cloud, Internet spells security concerns

A recent global Dell survey on BYOD, cloud, Internet and other new technologies spells security concerns among enterprises and their IT decision makers.

64 percent says that organizations will need to restructure their IT processes to stay ahead of the next IT security threat, said Dell.

These IT security threats are coming from technologies like BYOD, mobility, cloud computing, and Internet usage, said Dell global security survey of leading public and private sector security decision-makers.

Of those surveyed in the United States, 85 percent said this approach is needed, contrasting with the U.K. (43 percent) and Canada (45 percent), which were the least convinced this would be necessary, said Dell.

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Dell today said 90 percent believe government should be involved in determining organizations’ cyber defense strategies, and 78 percent in the Unites States think the federal government plays a positive role in protecting organizations against both internal and external threats.

67 percent has increased funds spent on education and training of employees in the past 12 months; 50 percent believe security training for both new and current employees is a priority.

54 percent have increased spending in monitoring services over the past year; this number rises to 72 percent in the United States.

Among the IT decision-makers surveyed, BYOD, cloud and the Internet were the top areas of concern for security threats.


93 percent of organizations surveyed allow personal devices for work. 31 percent of end users access the network on personal devices (37 percent in the United States).

44 percent of respondents said instituting policies for BYOD security is of high importance in preventing security breaches.

57 percent ranked increased use of mobile devices as a top security concern in the next five years (71 percent in the U.K.).

24 percent said misuse of mobile devices/operating system vulnerabilities is the root cause of security breaches.


73 percent of respondents report their organizations currently use cloud (90 percent in the United States).

Nearly half (49 percent) ranked increased use of cloud as a top security concern in the next five years, suggesting unease for the future as only 22 percent said moving data to the cloud was a top security concern today.

In organizations where security is a top priority for next year, 86 percent are using cloud.

21 percent said cloud apps or service usage are the root cause of their security breaches.


63 percent ranked increased reliance upon internet and browser-based applications as a top concern in the next five years.

More than one-fifth of respondents consider infection from untrusted remote access (public wifi) among the top three security concerns for their organization.

47 percent identified malware, viruses and intrusions often available through web apps, OS patching issues, and other application-related vulnerabilities as the root causes of breaches.

70 percent are currently using email security to prevent outsider attacks from accessing the network via their email channel.

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