Dell security survey on Indian enterprises shows alarming signals

A Dell security survey on Indian enterprises is showing alarming signals to the industry.

The survey said 25.5 percent of organizations’ total spending is on IT in India whereas the highest 22 percent organizations spend around 15 percent-30 percent of total spending on IT.

In public sector, the average spending is 24.7 percent of total spending while in the private sector it is 25.9 percent, said Dell

The Dell commissioned study done by Vanson Bourne conducted 1,440 interviews of public and private sector security decision makers globally and out of which 200 interviews were in India.

In the last 12 months, around 85 percent organizations increased spending in the education/training of employees.

75 percent of organizations have increased spending in completing security risk assessment and software on premise.

71 percent has increased spending on hardware and 65 percent of organizations have increased spending on creating a response plan.

64 percent said losing critical business data is the greatest concern for them while 40 percent voted for malware on the network and 39 percent voted on employees inadvertently taking data outside corporate networks.

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Greatest security threat to their organization in 5 years

65 percent organizations voted for increased reliance upon internet and browser-based apps.

42 percent respondents chose increased use of mobile devices while 56 percent voted for increased use of cloud and the growth in big data.

28 percent of organizations voted for threats that are yet unknown.

For 58 percent of organizations, security will be top priority next year.

32 percent indicated that they took 1-4 hours to identify the source of their last security breach.

27 percent was able to take immediate action once a breach had been discovered; 26 percent took 1-4 hours while 20 percent of them took up to 24 hours.

32 percent said that over the last 12 months, the security breaches have cost their organization approximately US$10, 000 – 100,000.

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