Dell SecureWorks launches PCI Compliance Resource Center

Infotech Lead America: Dell SecureWorks, a provider of information security services, has launched a new PCI Compliance Resource Center to help organizations meet and maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and to help strengthen their overall security posture.


PCI DSS requires any organization that transmits, processes or stores payment card information to protect the privacy and confidentiality of that data.

The PCI Compliance Resource Center features a wide range of white papers, videos and webcasts that address PCI challenges, PCI DSS remediation, and consulting and information security services offered by Dell SecureWorks.

Regardless of how many transactions they process, merchants must demonstrate PCI compliance annually. Common challenges for PCI Compliance include identifying and segmenting cardholder data, assessing their current state of compliance, remediating any problems that are found, and maintaining ongoing compliance.

Although maintaining a PCI compliant status can prevent organizations from being fined, it is not enough to protect merchants from data breaches.

“Many organizations mistakenly believe that once they are compliant their corporate networks are secure, but many companies that were PCI compliant have been breached,” said John Cartwright, Security Systems principal consultant, Dell SecureWorks.

“In reality, when you take care of information security issues first, becoming PCI compliant should fall into place,” Cartwright added. “And when you understand security and can accurately interpret the PCI requirements, you can find cost-efficient ways to meet them.”

Adhering to PCI DSS compliance also requires establishing and maintaining a PCI program that incorporates the appropriate policies, procedures and technology to ensure ongoing compliance through continuous protection of payment card data that is collected, stored or transmitted, according to Dell SecureWorks.

Dell SecureWorks launches new advanced threat resource center

Recently Dell SecureWorks launched a new Advanced Threat Resource Center to help organizations detect, resist and successfully respond to advanced cyber threats.

At the Advanced Threat Resource Center, information security leaders and professionals have access to a range of threat analyses, white papers, videos and webcasts that outline many of the techniques, tools and social engineering tactics hackers use to compromise organizations.


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