Dell SecureWorks launch Emergency Cyber Incident Response  


Dell SecureWorks announced a new on-demand Emergency Cyber Incident Response capability for clients deploying assets on Amazon Web Services.

Dell said the new offering is in response to the growing enterprise adoption of production workloads on AWS and the customer demand for on-demand incident response solutions.

Dell SecureWorks is designed through collaboration with AWS. Its Emergency Cyber Incident Response helps organizations investigate  cyber incidents affecting their assets deployed on the AWS Cloud.

“Our Incident Response team is comprised of an elite group of individuals with backgrounds in cyber investigations, technical analysis, research, and crisis management spanning national, military, and organizational Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs), as well as law enforcement agencies,” said Jeffrey Carpenter, director of the Incident Response and Digital Forensics practice at Dell SecureWorks.

In January, Dell SecureWorks announced the launch of a new service — Advanced Malware Protection and Detection — to detect and protect against advanced and evasive threats.

Advanced Malware Protection and Detection (AMPD), a managed security service, is combined with the CTU-powered intelligence capabilities of a specialized security analyst team that rapidly detects, analyzes and diagnoses threats, and provides focused guidance on their removal.

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