Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager 8.0 launched

Dell has launched Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager 8.0, which leverages Dell’s new Security Analytics Engine.

Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager 8.0 gives organizations control of web-based applications and OpenID Connect-compliant mobile application access activities within the organization –improving security and access across a range of application types and access scenarios.

Cloud Access Manager gives secure and convenient access to the broadest range of both legacy and emerging applications, while providing IT with the security and control it requires.

Cloud Access Manager provides unified single sign-on that includes federation and legacy authentication types. Dell’s Security Analytics Engine correlates this contextual information with enforcement capabilities.

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Security Analytics Engine performs run-time risk evaluations that help companies scale security based on situational context, ensuring appropriate access for the right situations at the right time.

Social Authentication addresses user password fatigue for customers who wish to enable single sign-on through a user’s social media properties, including Google, Microsoft Live ID, Facebook and Twitter.

OpenID Connect Protocol support enables support for modern web and mobile applications using this next-generation identity protocol based on OAuth 2.0.

John Milburn, executive director, Identity and Access Management, Dell Security, said: “To maintain secure access at all times, it is critical for IT to have a view of the context surrounding access activities, including access policies, time of day, and manageability of the device.”

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